ChanArcade - Terms & Conditions

All the payments are to be made according to the Category / Size of the Property, as per the schedule of Payment in favor of Daiwal Associates Pvt. Ltd.

The Down Payment has to be submitted along with the duly filled Booking Form.

In case any Unit Owner requests to cancel his / her Booking; the Management of Daiwal Associate Pvt. Ltd. will consider his application in the Board Meeting to be held every fortnight. Having approved his / her Cancellation Application, 25% of the Booking Amount will be deducted as the Service Charges while the remaining amount will be paid to him after the Re-Sale of the Unit or after Six Months Period since his Cancellation Application approved by the board.

One Booking Form can be used for One Unit Booking, all the Pakistani National and Foreign National are eligible to apply for the purchase of One or more Units in ChanArcade.

In Case of TWO REGULAR DEFAULTS OF INSTALLMENTS; the Management of Daiwal Associate Pvt. Ltd. shall have the Sole Rights to cancel his / her Unit Booking, while the Refund will be made to him/her having deducted 30% of the Booking amount after 3 Months period.

In case of any cancellation/refund etc. the Client has NO RIGHT to challenge the Refund Policy, as described in these Terms and Conditions; in any Court of Law, whatsoever in any Legal Forum, etc.

No Interest or Mark-Up or Revised Value will be paid to the Client in case of Cancellation of his / her Booking, whatsoever.

In case any Client wants to restore his Cancelled Unit Booking; he/she will be liable to pay an amount of Rs. 300,000 in Account of Restoration Charges, besides the current value difference whatsoever, while such Restoration will only be made within Six Months from the time of Cancellation.

No Unit will be allowed to use for any other purpose other than applied for.

The Refund Amount Cheque will only be made in favor of the Applicant.

The Exact Size and Location of the Unit will remain tentative and subject to adjustment according to the Demarcation Map of ChanArcade at the time of possession, the difference in Size / Location shall not exceed a maximum the 10% of the size, outlined by the ChanArcade.

An appropriate change will be made in the total amount to be paid. as per the Booking price, in case the size committed and delivered is not the same, this is applicable in both cases whether the sizes are larger or smaller than what was committed at the time of booking.

Transfer of any Unit from One Applicant to any other can only be conducted after the Original Applicant has cleared all the Outstanding Payments applied, like; Registration and Mutation Charges along with the Government Taxes are to be paid by the First Applicant. Further, the Transfer Fee; 1% of the Booking Price will be paid by the Original Applicant.

The Transfer Fee will be applied only after Six Months of the Booking.

The Price of any Unit will not be changed or increased; but only under the circumstances beyond the control of the Seller; like War, Natural Calamity, etc.

The Daiwal Associate Pvt. Ltd. Reserves the Rights to Allot / Sale the Units which has been canceled due to Non Payment of Dues. The Applicant shall have No Right to challenge any decision made by Daiwal Associate Pvt. Ltd. in this regard.

The construction of the Project is to be completed in 48 months from the date of starting the construction, however, the time may be extended due to any unforeseen reason beyond the control, like war, stoppage of material supplies, or any force measure whatsoever.

The Development Charges may be applied by Bahria Town Karachi Administration for the Provision of Water, Electricity, Sui Gas, Telephone Facility, Maintenance Services, and Transport System, etc.; the Charges of such Utilities will be communicated later following the Policies of Bahria Town Pvt. Ltd.

Any dispute regarding the booking, the decision made by Daiwal Associate Pvt. Ltd. will be final and will not be resolved in any court of law but with mutual consent Only.

Every Applicant will abide by these Terms and Conditions in addition to the By-laws, Rules, and Regulations, Governing Allotment, Possession, Ownership, Construction, and Transfer of Units, enforced time to time by Daiwal Associate Pvt. Ltd. and any other Authority / Department, competent to do so, by Applicable Laws.

Every Applicant will abide by the Rules and Regulations of Bahria Town Pvt. Ltd.